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Composite Insurance Broking Services
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Introduction to Risk Allocation and Transfer (Insurance)

The strategy for allocating risk amongst stakeholders should be undertaken on a rational basis based upon the risk profile of the project and factors such as the degree of control over the activity, expertise in relation to controlling the risk and financial capacity to fund a loss.

Risk allocation and transfer are undertaken essentially through contract or insurance. Contractual mechanisms include indemnities, warranties and hold harmless provisions.

Property Loss Control

Our work in property loss control is centered around the fundamental question on how to integrate risk control improvements recommended by risk engineers with appropriate actions within the company. Systems for monitoring and analyzing performance can be used to ensure accountability and to ensure accurate reporting to all stakeholders.

Where required, our team of experts are able to conduct surveys on property, plant and machinery risks directly for our clients. This would include training and education on technical aspects of risk identification and assessment techniques and loss control.

Worker Injury (Workman Compensation Consulting)

Our team of risk management specialists focus on reducing the frequency of worker injury, assisting injured workers to faster recovery - to work and reducing the cost of insurance. The team develops comprehensive programs to ensure a safe work environment is maintained at all times. This includes assisting in the development of policies and procedures, training and education programs.

Liability Exposure

In all countries, as international laws are created, companies conduct business globally and governments legislate to protect consumers, liability issues are becoming increasingly onerous. We understand how companies can be liable for acts and omissions. Through workshop based risk assessments, or through our team assessing liability risk exposures, we can focus on what can cause an organization to be exposed to general, product, professional or directors' liability risk.

Medical, Accident, Life Plans & Benefit Administration

Value adds

Compliance: Just as liability is an increasing concern, compliance with complex laws in different countries, local and international standards, or the company's own policies and procedures provide considerable exposures to risk. Our team assists clients to ensure compliance issues that are identified and systematically addressed.

Claims Analysis and Loss Forecasting, in association with actuaries, we thoroughly analyze not only the losses but trends and the reasons for them, so that actuarial forecasts are more focused and accurate.

Maximum Foreseeable Loss and Probable Maximum Loss analysis, where we assist in determining limits of coverage based upon likely worst case and conceivable.

Business Interruption (BI) Calculations (or) Loss of Profits: Our research based approach focuses on accurately calculating BI losses based upon scenario analysis, with experts combining financial and loss adjusting skills.